Voting for New Hampshire Executive Council District 2, September 8, 2020

Voter Information for September 8, 2020 Primary Election

Meet Proud Townie Emmett Soldati

#1 — Make a Plan to Vote!

Voting might look different this year — but in most cases, it just means you actually have MORE options to vote! If you’ve already requested and received your absentee ballot, you can drop off that ballot (make sure you seal and sign the envelope!) at your polling place until 5pm on Election Day. You can also register AND vote same-day in New Hampshire! Make sure to wear your mask and practice all social distancing guidelines if you’re going in person to the polls — keep our poll workers and yourself and other voters safe!

The Latest Voting & Polling Location Info is updated with all of the latest absentee and in-person voting information — including handy FAQs!

#2 — Reach Out to Everyone You Know in District 2

Identify friends in any of District 2’s 49 towns and cities who can also vote for Emmett — reach out to them and let them know why they should vote for Emmett on September 8th.

Know District 2

Check out the full list and map of NH’s Executive Council District 2 — maybe you have friends in the district who you know are #ProudTownies. Make sure they are voting for Emmett!

#3 — Get others to vote, too!

Once you’ve locked in *YOUR* plan to vote (or if you’ve voted already, absentee) — help us get out the Proud Townie vote and make sure we send our progressive candidate into the General Election!

Get Out the Proud Townie Vote!

Join us at one of our dancing visibilities, get some Proud Townie door hangers to drop (contact-free) around your neighborhood, claim a polling location on election day — or send emails to your friends and become a digital endorser!