Get Out the Vote for Emmett Soldati, Executive Council District 2, September 8, 2020

#1 — Get Out the Absentee Vote!

Request your absentee ballot and share absentee voting info with everyone you know! Let’s get out the absentee vote and ensure that our September 8th primary is as safe as possible for all voters and election workers!

The Latest Absentee Voting Info

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is updating with all of the latest absentee voting information.

#2 — Reach Out to Everyone You Know in District 2

Identify friends in any of District 2’s 49 towns and cities who can also vote for Emmett — reach out to them and let them know why they should vote for Emmett on September 8th.

Know District 2

Check out the full list and map of NH’s Executive Council District 2 — maybe you have friends in the district who you know are #ProudTownies. Make sure they are voting for Emmett!

#3 — Make Your Sept. 8th Primary Vote Pledge Official!

Obviously the *MOST* important thing you can do to help us win is — VOTE! Let us know you’re all in my officially pledging to vote for Emmett on September 8th.

Pledge to Vote for Emmett in the September 8th primary

Pledge to vote and get reminders and updates on the most up-to-date voting information for the Sept. 8th Primary.


Show your neighbors that you're a #ProudTownie!
Support Emmett by helping us get the word out — claim your Emmett Soldati for Executive Council lawn sign below.
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