I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of several elected leaders and activists across the state, listed below.

If you want to declare your endorsement of my campaign, click here.

State Senator David Watters

State Senator Becky Whitley

State Senator Donovan Fenton

State Senator Suzanne Prentiss

State Rep. Loren Selig

State Rep. Jessica LaMontagne

State Rep. Geoffrey Smith

State Rep. Gerri Cannon

State Rep. Corinne Cascadden

State Rep. Ania Burroughs

State Rep. Henry Noel

State Rep. David Paige

State Rep. Luz Bay

State Rep. Peter Bixby

State Rep. Jared Sullivan

State Rep. Timothy Horrigan

State Rep. Cecilia Rich

State Rep. Wendy Thomas

Fmr. Congressman Paul Hodes

Fmr. Executive Councilor Dudley Dudley

Fmr. Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky

Fmr. State Senator Tom Sherman

Fmr. State Senator Martha Hennessey

Fmr. State Rep Wendy Chase

City Councilor April Richer (Dover)

City Councilor Robert Warach (Dover)

City Councilor Debra Hackett (Dover)

City Councilor Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro (Somersworth)

City Councilor Paul Goodwin (Somersworth)

City Councilor Rachel Lawrence (Rochester)

Selectboard Member Curtis Register (Durham)

Deputy Mayor Jo Kelley (Portsmouth)

School Board Member Barbara Wentworth

School Board Member Sarah O-Brien Hart

School Board Member Gemma Soldati

Marcia Brown (Somersworth)

State Senate Nominee, Jenn Alford-Teaster

State Senate Candidate Carlos Cardona

Mo Baxley




Previously Endorsed By

In 2021 I was proud to run a robust campaign for NHDP chair. We won over one-third of the votes from the State Committee. This campaign was built a broad coalition of voices in our state – from elected leaders, to longstanding activists, to voices from NH’s next generation – and I was humbled and encouraged to bring their perspective and aspirations with me to build a stronger, more resilient, bigger-tent party for our State’s future.

Sue Prentiss, State Senator District 5

Susan Almy, Grafton 13, State Rep.

Josh Adjutant, Grafton 17 State Rep., Task Force Member

Eamon Kelley, Coös 3 State Rep. 

Ed Butler, Former Carroll 7 State Rep., Task Force Member

Kenneth Grossman, Former Stafford 4 State Rep. 

Jenn Alford-Teaster, Candidate State Senate District 8

Claudia Istel, Sullivan County Democratic Committee Treasurer

Kathleen O’Donnell, Cheshire County Democratic Committee Vice Chair 

Sean Lewis, Rockingham Democratic Committee At-Large

Kimberly Gillis, Epsom Town Committee to Elect Democrats

Stan Freeda, Farmington Democratic Committee Chair

Mo Baxley, Former NHDP Vice Chair

Conor Hill, Cheshire County Committee At-Large

Brian Bresnahan, Coös County Democratic Committee Chair

Jane Brickett, Coös County Democratic Committee Treasurer

Charlie Cotton, Coös County Democratic Committee At-Large

Knute Ogren, Carroll County Democratic Committee Chair

Pat Pustell, Carroll County Democratic Committee Secretary

Erik Corbett, Carroll County Democratic Committee At-Large

Caroline Nesbitt, Carroll County Committee At-Large

John Streeter, Sullivan County Democratic Committee Vice Chair

Isaac Epstein, Strafford County Democratic Committee Secretary

Walter King, Strafford County & Dover Democratic Committee

David Holt, Strafford County Democratic Committee At-Large

Sue Veal, Strafford County Democratic Committee At-Large

Pat Gingrich, Strafford County Democratic Committee At-Large

Betsey Phillips, Northern Grafton County Democratic Committee Co-Chair

Ann Garland, Grafton County Democratic Committee Secretary

Martha Richards, Grafton County Committee At-Large

Karen Day, Hillsborough County Democratic Committee Treasurer

Trudy Morgan, Hillsborough County Democratic Committee Secretary

Sabina Chen,  Hillsborough County Democratic Committee At-Large

Roger Lessard, Hillsborough County Democratic Committee Chair

Gwen Whitbeck, Hillsborough Democratic Committee At-Large

Sabina Chen, Hillsborough County Democratic Committee At-Large

Christie West, Hillsborough County Democratic Committee At-Large

Kermit Williams, Hillsborough County Democratic Committee At-Large

Katy Cutshall, Hillsborough County Committee At-Large

Bill Bryk, Hillsborough County Antrim Democratic Committee 

Kerry Clock, Merrimack County Committee At-Large

Janice Kelble, Merrimack County Democratic Committee At-Large

Jennifer Buck, Merrimack County Democratic Committee At-Large

Eric Rasmussen, Hillsborough County Democratic Committee, Vice-Chair

Jim Verschueren, Dover Democratic Committee Chair

Shaun Filiault, Keene Democratic Committee Chair

Alejandro Urrutia, Hudson Democratic Committee Chair, Former candidate for Hillsborough 37

Lisa DeMio, Kilkenny/Lancaster Democratic Committee Chair

Deb Bacon Nelson, Hanover/Lyme Democratic Committee Chair

Janet Breslin-Smith, Salem Democratic Committee Chair

Liz Kosta, Plaistow Democratic Committee Chair

Beth Nelson, Derry Democratic Committee Chair

Heidi Nelson, Stratham Democratic Committee Chair

Sarah Steinberg Heller, Peterborough Democratic Committee Chair

Nikki Fordey, Litchfield Democratic Committee Chair

Michael DiTomasso, Raymond Democratic Committee Chair

Dawna Pidgeon, Enfield Democratic Committee Chair

Kate Delfino, Atkinson Democratic Committee Chair

Carlos Cordona, Laconia Democratic Committee Chair

Karen Dewey, Newport Democratic Town Chair

Bill Secord, Upper Valley Democratic Committee Secretary

Martin Goulet, Director, Amherst Democratic Committee 

Doreen Robertson, Bennington Democratic Committee Chair

Ruth Larson, Alton Democratic Committee Chair

Jeffrey Dickler, Rindge Democratic Committee Chair

Claire Helfman, Hollis Democratic Committee Former Chair

Lindsey Maziarz, Barrington Democratic Committee

Becky Whitley, State Senator District 15

Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, State Senator District 21

Cassandra Levesque, Strafford 4 State Rep.

Cam Kenney, Strafford 6 State Rep. 

Tony Lebranche, Hillsborough 22 State Rep., 2020 Democratic Delegate, DNC Convention

Martha Hennessy, Sullivan County, Former State Senator

Andru Volinsky, Former Executive Councilor,  Former Gubernatorial Candidate

Mark Fernald, Former State Senator & Gubernatorial Democratic Nominee 

Wendy Thomas, Former Hillsborough 21 State Rep.

Kathy Stack, Former Hillsborough 21 State Rep.

Tim Josephson, Former Grafton 11 State Rep.

Chuck Townsend, Former Grafton 11 State Rep.

Hon. John Lewis, Former Justice NH Superior Court

  1. Steven Rand, Former Grafton 8 State Rep.

Jill Shaffer Hammond, Former Hillsborough 24 State Rep.

Eileen Ehlers, Former Merrimack 9 State Rep.

Claudia Istel, Candidate Sullivan 8 State Rep.

Jackie Chretien, Hillsborough 42 State Rep.

Catherine Sofikitis, Hillsborough 34 State Rep.

Nicole Klein Knight, Hillsborough 11 State Rep. 

Maria Perez, Hillsborough 23 State Rep.

Cecilia Rich, Strafford 18 State Rep. 

Jeffrey Salloway, Strafford 5 State Rep.

Sherry Frost, Strafford 16 State Rep.

Ariel Oxaal, Strafford 15 State Rep. 

Wendy Chase, Strafford 18 State Rep.

Chuck Grassie, Strafford 11 State Rep.

Amanda Toll, Cheshire 16 State Rep.

Joe Schapiro, Cheshire 16 State Rep.

Lucius Parshall, Cheshire 10 State Rep.

Art Ellison, Merrimack 27 State Rep.

Christy Bartlett, Merrimack 19 State Rep.

George Sykes, Sullivan 13 State Rep.

Brian Sullivan, Sullivan 1 State Rep.

Joyce Weston, Grafton 8 State Rep.

Mark Brave, Strafford County Sheriff

Palana Belken, Rochester City Councilor

Crystal Paradis, Somersworth City Councilor, Vice Chair of Somersworth Democratic Committee

Randy Filiault, Keene City Councilor

Jonathan Weinberg, Concord School Board

Natalie Quevedo, Candidate Cheshire 13 State Rep & Activist

Elizabeth Crooker, Candidate Hillsborough 25 State Rep.

Liza Draper, Candidate Sullivan 25 State Rep.

Rachel Cisto, Hillsborough State Rep. Candidate

Leah Plunkett, Executive Council Candidate

Maria Finnigan, NH Young Democrats Fundraising Coordinator

Erica DeVries, 2020 Democratic Delegate, DNC Convention

Krishna Desai, 2020 Democratic Delegate, DNC Convention

Heather Stockwell, 2020 Democratic Delegate, DNC Convention

Sebastian Fuentes, 2020 Democratic Delegate DNC Convention, Latino Activist

Chris Liquori, 2020 Democratic Delegate, DNC Convention

Jim Smith, Delegate 2020 Democratic National Convention

Robin Vogt, New Hampshire Progressive Coalition, Vice Chair 

Susan Mathison, Local Activist, Holderness

Paula Aarons, Gilsum, Owner of Core Consciousness

Griffin Sinclair-Wingate, Co-Director of New Hampshire Youth Movement

Josie Pinto, Political Director of New Hampshire Youth Movement

Linds Jakows, Political Organizer, Dover

Amy Hathaway, Monadnock Rights and Democracy

Brandon Lemay, Former NHDP Organizer

Cassie Radziewicz, Artist and Activist, Manchester

Leah Cohen, Democratic Organizer, Moltonborough

Susan Hay, Democratic Activist, Keene

Eric Schildge, Democratic Activist, Hampton

Maddie DeSantis, Democratic Activist, Somersworth

Hillary Ballantine, Democratic Activist, Keene

Joel Iwaskiewicz, Democratic Activist, Epping

Laura Iwaszkiewicz, Democratic Activist, Epping

Aly McKnight, Amherst

John Tuthill, Acworth

Thom Flynn, Strafford

Michele Chalice, Keene

Jo Ann Duffy, Goffstown 

Melinda MacInnis, Goffstown

Susan Richman, Durham

Skip Berrien, Exeter

Anne Dowling, Canterbury

Nancy Fraher, Chichester

Joshua Lambert, Claremont 

Matt Mooshian, Claremont

Alice Nye, Concord

Mary Heslin, Concord

Matt Potter, Concord

Ann Podlipny, Chester 

Shad Christopoulos, Dover

Sharon Lehman, Barrington

Clifton West Jr, Barrington

Helina Josephson, Canaan

Martha Rich, Enfield

Carleigh Beriont, Hampton

Hannah Madden, Rye

Victoria Bram, Hopkinton

Melissa Rigazio, IIDA, Portsmouth

Robin Schnell, Portsmouth

Dr. Linda Upham-Bornstein, Lancaster

Darla Bruno, Lebanon

Kathy Slade, Plaistow

Ian Opolski, Plaistow

Candace Moulton, BSN, RN, Manchester

Bill Stelling, Manchester

Bill Siroty, Manchester

Marcus Ponce de Leon, Manchester

Jonathan Edward Cross, Manchester

June Trisciani, Manchester

Matt Coker, Meredith

Jessica Wheeler Russell, Penacook

Bill Marshall, Sanbornville

Emerson Doiron, Somersworth

Bev Cotton, Weare

Len Cadwallader, Hanover

Luis Aranzabal, Milford

Peter Gair, Jefferson

Charles Fanning, Exeter

Pat Yosha, Exeter

Annie Robbins, Sanbornville

Mary deGozzaldi, Westmoreland

Deirddra Limoges, Keene

Dave Kirkpatrick, Anrtrim

Jim Murphy, Keene

Vernon Thornblad, Keene

D’Vorah Kelley, Keene

Jared Sullivan, Bethlehem

Mary Ewell, Spofford

Hailey Mackey, Westmoreland

Sierran Lucey, Portsmouth

Brendan Connelly, Somersworth

Paul Matthew Goodwin, Somersworth

  1. Zanes Garen, Gilmanton

Wayne Goldner, MD., Bedford

Lucy Crichton, Concord

Kent Hackman, Andover

In 2020, I ran for Executive Council, District 2 in New Hampshire. I was proud to have the support and endorsement of so many leaders, activists, and community members that want to lift up all communities of NH. Below are the names of leaders and organizations that endorsed my campaign for Executive Council.

Our Moment

Rights & Democracy NH

603 Forward

New Hampshire Progressive Coalition

Run for Something

603 Forward

Senator David Watters

Endorsement video with Senator David Watters, NH State Senator, District 4 (Dover, Rochester, Rollinsford, Somersworth)

Amelia Keane

Endorsement video with The Honorable Amelia Keane, Former NH State Representative & Former President of New Hampshire Young Dems

And all of these Proud Townies:

Senator David Watters NH State Senator District 4 (Barrington, Dover, Rollinsford, Somersworth)
The Honorable Amelia Keane Former NH State Representative; Past President, New Hampshire Young Democrats
Jackie Cilley, Former NH State Senator, NH State Representative, NH Gubernatorial Candidate
Representative Ed Butler, NH State Representative
Representative Manny Espitia, NH State Representative
Representative Sam Fox, NH State Representative
Representative Sherry Frost, NH State Representative
Representative Greg Indruk, NH State Representative
Representative Cam Kenney, NH State Representative
Representative Nicole Klein, NH State Representative
Representative Cassie Levesque, NH State Representative
Representative Cecilia Rich, NH State Representative
Representative Tim Smith, NH State Representative
Representative Matt Wilhelm, NH State Representative
The Honorable Isaac Epstein, Former NH State Representative; President, Tri-City Young Democrats
Councilor Palana Belken, Rochester City Councilor
Councilor Crystal Paradis, Somersworth City Councilor
Matt Newland, NH Labor leader
Megan Arsenault, Concord
Mary Boisse, Somersworth
Emma Bovill, Repro Freedom Activist
Vicky Bram
Dakota Britton-Barrows, Dover
Melanie Burger, Dover
Billy Butler, Somersworth
Carlos Cardona, Laconia Dems Chair & LGBTQ+ Activist
James Costigan, Trans Activist Rochester
Kim Cummings, Somersworth
Maddie DeSantis, Somersworth
Geoffrey DiBello
Simone Dubay
Sarah Duclos, Barrington
Susan Esthera, Founder, Outreach Events
Eric Feldbaum
Rita Fluxx, Drag Performer
Maggie Fogarty, Immigration Rights Activist
Kenny Frasch, Business Owner
Pati Frew-Waters
Lauren Garza, Dover
Charles George
Jessica Goff
Paul Goodwin, Somersworth
Sean Haney
Brianna Hertig
Krystal Hicks, Portsmouth (Small Business Coalition Chair)
Kat Howland
Mallory Hubbard, Dover
Linds Jakows, Activist, Freedom NH
Lynette Jones
Aislinn Kalob, Dover
Chloé LaCassé, Educator/Activist
Jas LaFond, Social Justice Activist
Angie Lane, Concord
Annie LeBlanc, Somersworth
Emmett LeBlanc, Trans Rights Activist
Brian Lee
Liam Magan
Tara Mahady
Alix Martin
Leslie Martin
Gabriel Mata
Kelso McNaught, Queer Bookseller
Amy Michael
Jenn Miller
Li Monade, Teen Drag Performer
Matt Mooshian, Rural Outright Founder
Heather Morgan
Caitlin Murphy
Alison Murphy, LGBTQ+ Activist
Ariel Oxaal, Dover, Candidate for State Rep.
Crystal Paradis, Somersworth City Councilor
Jes Paradis, Somersworth
Erica Plante
Stefanie Polychronis
Jennifer Santos
John Shea, Educator + Education Activist
Gemma Soldati, Somersworth
Peter Starkey, Keene (Keene Coalition Chair)
D’Artagnan Stein
Bob Stein, Concord
Raya Sunshine, Teen Drag Performer
Veronika T, Teen Drag Performer
Emily Tressa (Fishbaugh), Trans Youth Activist
Jesselyn Viam, Teen Drag Performer
Steph Whitehouse, Dover
Brett Wintersteen
Beth Wood

Tri-City Indonesian Community Leaders for Emmett

Reverend Sandra Pontoh, Immigration rights activist
Raude Raychel, President, Indonesian Community Connection (ICC)
Dr. Titin Atmadja
Arel Soputan
Tommi Hadi
Pastor Jelti Pendeta
Tommy Monareh
Onky Kaunang
Eke Toar
Lendy Parengkuan
Tonny Nugroho
Irene Ireeuw
Vivi Hitiaubesy
Pastor Michael Lapian
Deiby Lapian
Scott South
Ardina Henny South
Meeta Patiasina
Harry Thenderz
Markus Subroto
Tamara Tasya
Didi Tewuh William
Susi William
Erna Wati William
Irving Mangindaan
Erna Horton
Alexander Wibowo
Keke Mangindaan
Katherine Watimena
Eddy Watimena
Monique Hayes
Orchie Saunders
Mien Maliombo
Arnold Maliombo

Photos from Malam Bersama Emmett Soldati – Calon Dewan Gubernur New Hampshire (English Translation: Indo Night with Emmett Soldati)
Photo from #ProudTownie launch party 2/19/20

About Emmett

Born (1988) and raised in Somersworth, NH, Emmett Soldati graduated from the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY; attended Emerson College; and graduated from York University, Toronto (summa cum laude), before receiving his Masters in Cultural Studies from London School of Economics (2011).

Returning home in 2011, Soldati opened Teatotaller; while also working for an international weather data company, Weather Analytics, now Athenium Analytics, a DC-based firm with a large work force in Dover. As an off-shoot of that, Soldati also works for an international nonprofit, Farmers First Africa, to support climate knowledge and food security for subsistence farmers.

He is the son of Lincoln Soldati, former: Strafford County Attorney, Mayor of Somersworth and candidate for US Congress; and Kathleen Soldati, former: Executive Director of League of NH Craftsmen and Portsmouth Historical Society, Director of Marketing at The Music Hall, now with CrossCurrent Communications.