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Join us on Zoom as we celebrate all of you and the campaign we've built as we wrap up this campaign!

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This race is about community. I hope you consider lending your voice to our coalition.


Are you a NH Democrat who is passionate about strengthening our party? 

Emmett Soldati is running for New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair. He brings a proven record as a local activist and party leader, Executive Council candidate, and successful entrepreneur who knows how to raise and expend resources, attract and retain talent, and set strategy, not just for the next two years, but for the next twenty. He’s ready to engage local communities, and get people invested in our party no matter the year and no matter their town.

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Soldati’s “Local-First” NHDP Platform

Emmett believes that building a strong party starts at the grassroots. Here are the five main points of his platform:

  • Strengthen relationships with local communities – NHDP leadership will sustain contact with all Democratic committees, encourage “off year” engagement, engage staff outside Manchester/Concord, establish local messaging based on real New Hampshire challenges, and build recruitment committees.
  • Provide resources – provide digital and video toolkits for local committees to change/update and build fundraising capacity at local level.
  • Open doors – establish policies to support more candidates equally and lower barriers to entry, create an open door policy for our state party.
  • Share practices – encourage local county committees to develop playbooks and share best practices.
  • Communicate transparently – provide constituents (e.g. town/county chairs) with window into strategy, resources (financial or otherwise), and resource deployment.

Who Votes for the NHDP Chair?

Members of the New Hampshire Democratic Party State Committee. Find their names here:

How Can You Help Emmett’s Campaign?

  1. Reach out to the people you know on the State Committee and encourage them to support Emmett’s campaign. 
  2. Share your thoughts about the direction of the party, and get involved in the campaign
  3. Do you know someone Emmett should talk to? Please fill out this form
  4. Donate to Emmett’s campaign.