nh state senators endorse soldati for NHDP chair

Statement from State Senators Becky Whitley and Rebecca Perkins Kwoka endorsing Emmett Soldati for Chair of the NH Democratic Party

“Our party draws its strength from its people—each and every one of us. When we engage with people on the impact of policy in their day-to-day lives, we serve our voters best and create a more unified community. We offer connection to voters, and in turn receive connection—each doing our part towards a greater, stronger whole. As Democrats, we exist to include, unite, and lift up, and we can always do that better. As newly elected State Senators, we believe passionately in the power of the people of New Hampshire to create change—especially if they can unite. Unite as Democrats.

We proudly endorse Emmett Soldati for Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party because we believe he will bring fresh ideas into the modern challenges of how to engage and build our party. We are inspired by Emmett’s innovation, work ethic and commitment to collaboration. We believe in constantly opening oneself to change and improvement, and know that NHDP will only continue to grow in its strength as it embraces change and innovation in the coming years. We’re grateful for all of Raymond Buckley’s work to build NHDP over his tenure as Chair and his commitment to the Granite State. Our shared priority is to put the people of New Hampshire first, and do what is best for them through inclusive and compassionate policy.”

Sen. Becky Whitley, District 15

Sen. Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, District 21