“I am proud to endorse Emmett Soldati in his campaign to be the next Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. At the core of this important decision were two factors: First, I believe in Emmett and his bold and inclusive vision for the future of the NH Democratic Party. His Local First Ten-Year Strategic Plan lays out the necessary steps for us to build a strong and sustainable Democratic Party in terms of fundraising, local organizing, effective messaging, and collaborative leadership.

And second, my constituents have made it clear that Emmett’s vision and plan for our party reflects their experiences, concerns, and hopes for the future of our party. Having supporters activated and reaching out in this campaign is a glimpse into what kind of energy and engagement we can expect with Emmett as Chair. As their representative, I have promised to listen and respond to my constituents, and this endorsement represents my commitment to keeping that promise. Emmett has made that same promise to the State Committee and every Democrat in our state. He is ready to lead.”

Sen. Suzanne Prentiss, District 5