When crisis hit, only one thing was important to Emmett – taking care of his people. While state and federal leadership scrambled to make sense of the pandemic on our doorstep, he took action locally to strengthen his employees’ welfare, his business, and his regional economy, including:

➡️ Provided unemployment guides for my team and other restaurants

➡️ Established sick leave fund for our restaurant workers

➡️ Published rent abatement request template for anyone worried about first of the month

➡️ Launched food drive for restaurants to unload perishable stock to organizations in need

➡️ Built Main Street business hub (MightySmall) with @strafford.rpc to help small businesses adapt and retain customers

This was all before April 1st.

As our federal government continues to botch their response and Congress takes a break with no new stimulus or support as we enter the worst part of this pandemic, let’s work on building and a electing a people-first future. It starts by voting in our primary election on September 8th. Grab your absentee ballot now and let’s send this #ProudTownie to Concord