The “Local-First” Platform

Emmett believes that building a strong party starts at the grassroots. Here are the five main points of his platform:

  • Strengthen relationships with local communities – NHDP leadership will sustain contact with all Democratic committees, encourage “off year” engagement, engage staff outside Manchester/Concord, establish local messaging based on real New Hampshire challenges, and build recruitment committees.
  • Provide resources – provide digital and video toolkits for local committees to change/update and build fundraising capacity at local level.
  • Open doors – establish policies to support more candidates equally and lower barriers to entry, create an open door policy for our state party.
  • Share practices – encourage local county committees to develop playbooks and share best practices.
  • Communicate transparently – provide constituents (e.g. town/county chairs) with window into strategy, resources (financial or otherwise), and resource deployment.