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Dec. 18 – To the Editor:

The New Hampshire Democratic Party has become a strong force in New Hampshire politics. Since I moved to New Hampshire in 1975 and Dover in 1983, I have seen how the state has evolved from a reliably Republican stronghold to a battleground state with strong Democratic constituencies. This did not happen magically. Party leaders across those many years can take great satisfaction in building the infrastructure and articulating the policies that I believe have made life better for all Granite State residents. I am supporting Emmett Soldati for Chair in the upcoming election because I believe he represents the best path to a future of continued strong leadership, bolstered by creative ideas and demonstrated accomplishments.

When Emmett ran for Executive Council this year, I was a skeptic. He was relatively unknown outside of Somersworth. It was a crowded field of accomplished people who had statewide recognition. Yet he came remarkably close to winning the nomination. I watched how he did it. He used all the modern tools well – video, social media, compelling communications, and a network of people who got excited about his candidacy and spread the word.

Emmett is offering new thinking about how Democrats conduct business, including campaigns. His “Local First” platform speaks to my experience in recent Democratic campaigns and as a local leader for the past three years. I share with Emmett these principles.

Our future depends on building from the ground up, working year-round to engage Democrats, not only when an election cycle gears up. Our local, volunteer town committees are the front line in the building of the party. They deserve direct support. To stay relevant, we must maximize our use of social media. Our strategizing has to be inclusive of local leaders to promote buy-in from the ground up for a consistent, compelling, statewide message. Our message must be grounded in well-articulated values, emphasized in everything we do. Our task is to communicate how electing Democrats will enable Granite State residents of all political persuasions to build better lives in a democratic society. Emmett Soldati has the background and has demonstrated the skills to lead us to the next level of achievement here in New Hampshire.

Jim Verschueren