This year Emmett is celebrating 10 years sober, but the journey to find acceptance with himself took a lot longer.

September is #RecoveryMonth and Emmett wrote about his own recovery journey on Medium:

Everyone adjusts their relationship with substances in different ways. My path was ultimately one of abstinence. While I had minor hurdles in the early days, eventually I became a complete teetotaler (an old expression for someone who doesn’t drink). This was more than a private experience, it was an identity I shared widely.

Today, I’m someone that is so vocal and proud of being many years sober that I even named my business, Teatotaller Cafe, after it. I opened it with the goal of creating rich, vibrant spaces in our community for connection that don’t need to revolve around the sale and consumption of alcohol. I’ve been proud, and humbled, to provide space, in particular space for youth, to express themselves and connect in an inclusive and safe environment. Running an explicitly ‘dry’ establishment in rural New Hampshire has also meant engaging with the large community of people in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder. I’ve been honored to work alongside groups like SOS Recovery, or champion transitional spaces like Hope on Haven Hill, and I’ve educated myself with local leaders like John Burns or books like Chasing the Scream.

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