“Emmett Soldati isn’t just a lifelong resident of Somersworth—a townie, as he calls himself—he’s someone who has made it his life’s work to invest in his community and transform it for the better.

I first got to know Emmett when he was working hard to establish a new restaurant in his hometown before Somersworth was on the map in our state. He had a vision for what Somersworth could be if people just had a way to see and hear each other in their own neighborhood.

All these years later, Emmett’s cafe is a central gathering place for Granite Staters. In the same way, he’s now working hard to uplift and connect small communities all across New Hampshire with a new kind of representation in our government.

He has always been outspoken about his values and his commitments to his neighbors and broader community.

As a businessman, Emmett Soldati has the experience to scrutinize contracts before the Executive Council. He also understands that the economy cannot thrive without a 21st-Century transportation system, including mass transit, so he will ensure District 2 needs are included in the Ten-Year Transportation Plan. We can depend on Emmett Soldati to ensure health care—including reproductive health—is advanced through contracts the Council reviews.

Having Emmett’s voice at the table will lift up quiet, forgotten communities across this state and will ensure issues that affect the Tri-Cities in particular are given more airtime in Concord.”

-Senator David Watters, NH-Senate District 4