Supporters and Endorsers

I’m proud to have the support and endorsement of so many leaders, activists, and community members that are ready to lift up all communities of NH.

Run for Something

New Hampshire Progressive Coalition


New Hampshire State Senator David Watters (District 4: Barrington, Dover, Rollinsford, Somersworth)
Amelia Keane, Fmr NHYD Executive Director + State Rep.
Rep. Ed Butler
Rep. Manny Espitia
Rep. Sam Fox
Rep. Sherry Frost
Rep. Greg Indruk
Rep. Cam Kenney
Rep. Nicole Klein
Rep. Cassie Levesque
Rep. Cecilia Rich
Rep. Tim Smith
Rep. Matt Wilhelm
Isaac Epstein, Fmr State Rep + Tri-City Young Dems Chair
Palana Belken, Rochester City Councilor
Crystal Paradis, Somersworth City Councilor
Carlos Cardona, LGBTQ+ Activist
Maggie Fogarty, Immigration Rights Activist
John Shea, Educator + Education Activist
Maddie DeSantis, Somersworth
Aislinn Kalob, Dover
Angie Lane, Concord
Jes Paradis, Somersworth
Bob Stein, Concord
Mary Boisse, Somersworth
Vicky Bram
Dakota Britton-Barrows, Dover
Melanie Burger, Dover
Billy Butler, Somersworth
Geoffrey DiBello
Simone Dubay
Sarah Duclos, Barrington
Eric Feldbaum
Pati Frew-Waters
Lauren Garza, Dover
Charles George
Jessica Goff
Paul Goodwin, Somersworth
Sean Haney
Brianna Hertig
Krystal Hicks, Portsmouth (Small Business Coalition Chair)
Kat Howland
Mallory Hubbard
Lynette Jones
Annie LeBlanc, Somersworth
Brian Lee
Liam Magan
Tara Mahady
Leslie Martin
Alix Martin
Gabriel Mata
Amy Michael
Jenn Miller
Heather Morgan
Caitlin Murphy
Ariel Oxaal, Dover, Candidate for State Rep.
Erica Plante
Stefanie Polychronis
Jennifer Santos
Gemma Soldati, Somersworth
Peter Starkey, Keene (Keene Coalition Chair)
D’Artagnan Stein
Brett Wintersteen
Beth Wood

About Emmett

Born (1988) and raised in Somersworth, NH, Emmett Soldati graduated from the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY; attended Emerson College; and graduated from York University, Toronto (summa cum laude), before receiving his Masters in Cultural Studies from London School of Economics (2011).

Returning home in 2011, Soldati opened Teatotaller; while also working for an international weather data company, Weather Analytics, now Athenium Analytics, a DC-based firm with a large work force in Dover. As an off-shoot of that, Soldati also works for an international nonprofit, Farmers First Africa, to support climate knowledge and food security for subsistence farmers.

He is the son of Lincoln Soldati, former: Strafford County Attorney, Mayor of Somersworth and candidate for US Congress; and Kathleen Soldati, former: Executive Director of League of NH Craftsmen and Portsmouth Historical Society, Director of Marketing at The Music Hall, now with CrossCurrent Communications.